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This Is The Natural Remedy For Motion Sickness!

Motion sickness, sea sickness or kinetosis is a natural reaction of the organism to the movement. The symptoms of this disease include dizziness, getting sick, cold sweat, headache, nausea etc. It mostly occurs during the travels with a car, a plane, boat or bus. Although a large part of the …

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Get Rid of Water Retention With This Homemade Gel

We all heard the saying: “Your body is mostly water”. But how much water is too much water? When you have water retention, or fluid retention, you realize where the line is. Suddenly, you’re dealing with swollen ankles, feet and hands, stiff joints, bloating and feeling of aching and itchiness. …

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These 20 Foods Can Serve As Homemade Remedies!

With so much information everywhere, we are all somewhat literate about maintaining our mental and physical wellbeing. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, reducing soda, sweets consumption, and exercise. However, many individuals are still used to consumption of processed foods, with no nutritional value, lesser variety etc. It could be said that …

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