This Is The Natural Remedy For Motion Sickness!

Motion sickness, sea sickness or kinetosis is a natural reaction of the organism to the movement. The symptoms of this disease include dizziness, getting sick, cold sweat, headache, nausea etc. It mostly occurs during the travels with a car, a plane, boat or bus. Although a large part of the population suffers from this disease, there are a few alternative solutions which could decrease the symptoms.

This Is The Natural Remedy For Motion Sickness!

The research claims that ginger is efficient, and even better than some modern medicines. Its biggest advantage is that it does not cause side effects, compared to certain medicaments. The tea also has a calming effect. Best herbs against sickness are: mint, chamomile, lavender, sage, and against nausea: wormwood, chamomile, plum and melissa.

Avoid greasy and spicy heavy food and large meals, which does not mean that you should not eat anything. The experts say that hunger destabilizes the electric signals in the stomach, which can cause sickness and nausea. Eat crackers, because they are easily digestible food and help with nausea. Some candies can also do a good job in helping, as well as peppermint. If you are familiar with acupuncture, there are certain spots on the body that can stop nausea and you can also buy acupressure gloves against sickness from a drugstore.

Few advises for easier travels:

Avoid standing, if you have the option to. Focus on one spot, minimize the head movements, seat in the direction of traveling (in the trains). Do not read, avoid smoking cigarettes, don’t consume alcohol. If you can, be the driver, the focus will help you to forget the sickness. If someone that is sick sits next to you, change the spot, the suggestion can be strong, which can make you throw up too. Seat on seats where the motion is minimally felt, like the front seats in the bus or the car, close to the wings in the plane or in the front wagons in the trains.