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7 Signs That Your Body Is “Begging” For Help!

Our body is a perfect mechanism having many processes functioning simultaneously. Sometimes the body gives us signs that it needs help, which if we ignore can lead to some health problems. Here are a few such signs and what you can do about it. Insomnia, irritability and leg cramps If …

healthy food

10 Fruits and Veggies and Their Incredible Health Benefits

Eating lots of vegetables and fruits can reduce the risk of various chronic diseases, protect against diabetes and heart disease, promote liver and kidney health and support a healthy body weight. Raw, cooked, hot or frozen, these 10 fruits and veggies will charge you up, fill you with vitamins, antioxidants …

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How To Cure Bronchitis With Only Cabbage and Honey!

It is very often that we hardly eliminate persistent coughing. Sometimes, even medicines don’t help. One of the famous and most efficient ways of battling coughing is to use a leaf of cabbage and honey. It is really a “golden” solution for coughing. There is no age limit for this …

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