How To Cure Bronchitis With Only Cabbage and Honey!

It is very often that we hardly eliminate persistent coughing. Sometimes, even medicines don’t help. One of the famous and most efficient ways of battling coughing is to use a leaf of cabbage and honey. It is really a “golden” solution for coughing.

How To Cure Bronchitis With Only Cabbage and Honey!

There is no age limit for this remedy, it is equally efficient for little children and for adults.

To start the healing process, you will need one cabbage head and honey. Here is what you have to do:

Slowly peel off one leaf of the cabbage. The leaf should be put in boiling water for a few minutes. It will become warm and soft. Apply honey on one side. The side with the honey should be applied to the chest of the patient. Wrap with plastic bag and scarf or towel. Do this before going to bed.

If the coughing is really strong, you will need two cabbage leafs – one on the chest and one on the back. Remove the leaves in the morning, wipe off the skin with wet towel, or rinse the area.

If the bronchitis is in starting phase, you’ll notice the results right after the first procedure. The healing should be done 5-7 nights. Very soon you will see that the coughing completely disappears.

The active ingredients in honey and cabbage, as well as heat, contribute towards reducing the coughing and towards disappearance of the inflammation process. The honey can be alternately changed with warm castor oil.

Many people speak off cabbage as being truly magical. One women witnessed that she started coughing once, had cabbage at home, but no honey. She did not want to worsen the problem and she did the healing only with cabbage. And it helped!

For persistent coughing you can use a fairly old recipe – a syrup with honey and radish. It is exceptionally helpful, and kids drink it with pleasure.