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Eat Celery And Let It Work Its Magic!

In people’s medicine, celery is most commonly used for cleansing the body (especially the blood), strengthening the nerves and as a medicine for bladder issues, because it initiates urine production. Celery also cleans the liver, it decreases the blood sugar and pressure. It contains very little calories which makes it …

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Roller Coaster Kidney Stones Therapy

If you hear someone telling a person with a kidney stone to go on one of the Disney crazier rides, you will most probably think in yourself “that’s a complete and utter nonsense”. But, is it so? David Wartinger, urological surgeon and also a professor at Michigan State College proves …

healthy recipes

Three Ingredients Remedy to Clean Kidneys Stones

With this kidney stone juice recipe you will get rid of kidney stones in very short period of time, usually between 3-6 days depending of the size of stones. The recipe ensures success most of the times (especially if the size is as of a grain of wheat), its completely natural and …

healthy recipes