Three Ingredients Remedy to Clean Kidneys Stones

With this kidney stone juice recipe you will get rid of kidney stones in very short period of time, usually between 3-6 days depending of the size of stones.

Three Ingredients Remedy to Clean Kidneys Stones

The recipe ensures success most of the times (especially if the size is as of a grain of wheat), its completely natural and the only thing to worry is the size of the stones as larger one can cause damage while getting out.


  • 100 ml lemon juice made from organic lemons
  • 100 ml of olive oil (cold pressed)
  • 100 ml of beer

Preparation : Mix well all the ingredients and put them in a bottle, drink in the morning on an empty stomach 50 milliliters. Before each use, shake the bottle.

Smaller stones usually come out in 3-4 days while bigger one in 6. Just be carefull with stones larger than 15 mm as they can damage urinary ducts while ejecting. Therefore, it is best before you use this natural remedy to consult your doctor.


If the stone is set and you feel terrible pain, immediately pour hot water into the tub and lie down in the tub. Warm bath is expanding channels and stone will be much easier and less painful to get out.