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How and Why Sugar Promotes Growth of Cancer Cells

With the holiday season getting closer, this might mean more consumption of candy, desserts, chocolate and similar products. Even though probably your main concern might be about gaining weight – there may be something more important to think about when consuming large amounts of sugar. Consuming highly refined sugar is …

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10 Cancer-Causing Products That You Use Everyday!

The Cancer Prevention Coalition had a Press conference in 2002 when it published the following: “Cancer and health risk experts just concluded reviews that indicate mainstream cosmetics, and personal hygiene products pose the HIGHEST cancer risk exposure to the general public, even higher than smoking.” DEODORANTS Aluminium, parabens, products of …

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healthy tips

Cancerophobia – How to Get Rid of the Fear of Cancer

Along with some neurological diseases, cancer is one of the diseases that people are most scared off. Even though cardiovascular diseases are more deadly, we are still more scared of cancer. The fear that we might get sick from cancer on the one hand is very useful, because it encourages …