10 Cancer-Causing Products That You Use Everyday!

The Cancer Prevention Coalition had a Press conference in 2002 when it published the following: “Cancer and health risk experts just concluded reviews that indicate mainstream cosmetics, and personal hygiene products pose the HIGHEST cancer risk exposure to the general public, even higher than smoking.”

10 Cancer-Causing Products That You Use Everyday!


Aluminium, parabens, products of petroleum (all toxins), all are part of the ingredients in deodorants. Our underarms fat cells can be affected, and this may complicate many things in our bodies. All of the aforementioned are related to cancer, harm the metabolic system, the endocrine system and the central nervous system. There are alternatives, however. Nourish organic cream deodorant, or you can make one at home! What you will need is baking soda and organic geranium essential oil.


During summer, 1 of 3 women uses sunscreen before putting makeup on. Retinyl palmitate increases growth of cancerous tumors on your skin, and this chemical is very much present in the sunscreen lotions. In fact most of the sunscreen lotions are filled with toxins and instead of protecting your skin from cancer they promote its growth. Oxybenzone is endocrine disruptor and is also present in the lotions. Recently studies and research have shown that sun is the best source of vitamin D and best prevention of skin cancer. EWG also states that not all high SPF lotions are really such, and instead of buying these expensive products you can get a clear zinc sunscreen for example Babo Botanical.


Chemicals dangerous for the environment are also dangerous for you. Hairsprays are full with these kind of chemicals. Lung damage can be one possible outcome. Alternative : Intelligent Nutrients Hair Balm


The strange smell of your mascara, that I can bet you have felt is because of toxic chemicals. Some of them even support aging. Any mascara older than 6 moths is no longer an option. Alternative : get an organic one, like Nvay Eco Organic Mascara.


Lipsticks are toxic, containing many “bad” ingredients. Alternative : organic lipsticks, like Ecco Bella.


Fluoride, saccharin, dyes and a few more ingredients of toothpaste have been found to cause cancer and neurotoxicity.
Alternative: get organic BR brushing rinse and one drop of peppermint essential oil. Another alternative: get a non-chemical and fluoride free toothpaste.


Magnesium silicate is the main ingredient of talc powder. It often comes hand in hand with asbestos. Additionally, talc has been proved to increase the risk of ovarian cancer. Alternative: Miessence Organic Body Powder or make your own. Recipe: quarter of a cup kuzu root starch mixed with a third of a cup rice flour and seven drops of organic lavender essential oil.


Since the products treat hyper pigmentation, they are loaded with mercury. Even if we don’t pay attention to the side effects, their long term effectiveness has never been proved. Alternative: get a diamond peal at a spa. Same or even a better results – no side effects.


Studies have shown that moisturizers like Dermovan, Dermabase, Eucerin Original Moisturizing Cream and Vanicream might increase the risk of melanoma. One of the many harmful ingredients are mineral oils that have been related to 23 diseases and health issues. Alternative : organic cold pressed coconut oil.

Don’t let the commercials fool you. They are meant to make people to go and buy a certain product. We all want to look prettier, younger, slimmer however you should have an excessive amount of information before buying a product. Knowing what’s good for you has no price!