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The Powerful Health Benefits of Beet Kvass

Is it possible to detox your body and nourish it while boosting your energy levels at the same time? Yes, it’s entirely possible, thanks to a traditional Eastern Europe beverage called Beet Kvass. Beet kvass was originally made from fermented, stale rye bread: a fizzy, nutritious, tasty tonic with numerous …

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healthy food

10 Fruits and Veggies and Their Incredible Health Benefits

Eating lots of vegetables and fruits can reduce the risk of various chronic diseases, protect against diabetes and heart disease, promote liver and kidney health and support a healthy body weight. Raw, cooked, hot or frozen, these 10 fruits and veggies will charge you up, fill you with vitamins, antioxidants …

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You Can Treat These 10 Health Problems with Epsom Salt

Science confirmed something that our grandmothers knew all of their lives – Epsom salt is a simple ingredient that has very powerful medicinal properties. Magnesium sulfate a compound from which the Epsom salt is made and it has a lot of different health benefits, such as: Alleviating joint and sprain …