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7 Reasons Why Women Should Indeed Lift Weights at the Gym

When exercising, many women think that cardio exercises will bring the best results. Unfortunately, this is not enough for a firm, toned body. Every exercising program should include both cardio and weight exercises. Lifting can have a positive effect over the looks, the physical and mental health. Lifting will make …

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Recognize The Common Signs and Symptoms of a Blood Clot

Blood clotting is a natural, necessary and in fact a life-saving process that prevents us from losing too much blood in accidents. However, when blood clots in a place where it’s not supposed to – like inside our veins -there’s a chance it won’t dissolve as it normally does. This …

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Two Lungs One Fight – Clean Them Immediately

Did you know that lungs have one of most important roles in the body and are one of most active organs. Cleaning of the lungs will allow large quantities of tar and toxins to be removed therefore reducing the risk of infection and cancer, increasing lung capacity and improve the overall health of …

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