Two Lungs One Fight – Clean Them Immediately

Did you know that lungs have one of most important roles in the body and are one of most active organs. Cleaning of the lungs will allow large quantities of tar and toxins to be removed therefore reducing the risk of infection and cancer, increasing lung capacity and improve the overall health of the respiratory system .

Two Lungs One Fight – Clean Them Immediately

Here are several tips you can implement right away to keep your lungs at peak performance.

  1. QUIT SMOKING  –  There’s no need to rehash what we all know, smoking is bad for your health it is also bad for people around you. Carbon monoxide as part of cigarette smoke can contribute of development of cancer.
  2. BREATHING EXERCISES  –  Actually, there are  breathing exercises that will help purify the lungs. Stand upright with  hands placed beside the body, and legs slightly spread . Take deep breath through your nose and hold the air a few seconds, then breathe out through your mouth. There is still air in your lungs so to urge the diaphragm to remove the rest spit three times xa xa xa until you feel that your stomach retracts. Repeat several times.
  3. INDOOR POLUTION  –  Building materials,carpets,paint,pets,mold and mildew can all contribute to lungs infections.So whenever possible use indoor air purification system or keep some air purification plants
  4. FOODS  –  Food cleanses the mucus and removes toxins. The ones you can use are:
  • celery

Usually used as a dietary supplement and can be found in certain foods. Enzyme that produces vitamin E(Gamma Tocopherol) and enables strengthening spit membrane.

  • ginger

Antibacterial and helps with bronchitis and expulsion of accumulated harmful substances

  • grapefruit

Grapefruit reduces the spread of cancerous cells in the body that contain a large number of anti-oxidant and is known as effective for cleansing the body and even in the treatment of cancer.

  • lotus root tea
  • oregano
  • soybean
  • ginger
  • chili or any other bitter foods