The Secrets of Eastern Traditional Healing Systems – Deep Breathing

Breathing is lifetime routine essential for maintaining life processes. Taking deep breath rich with oxygen is real health benefit for our body. By breathing on the right way you are increasing efficiency of fueling body with oxygen and maximize energy releasing

The Secrets of Eastern Traditional Healing Systems – Deep Breathing

Because breathing is completely automatic process, most of the time we are focused on processes that take a lot of effort and focus (like eating or walking), for that reason we rarely focus on breathing.

Eastern cultures like Tibetan, Chinese and other are focused on maintaining proper breathing techniques, especially meditative breathing. They believe that breathing connects us to the universe.

From perspective of meditation, breathing is very important for maintaining energy balance, and releasing from our emotional, physical, and mental burdens. The energy is fundamental for our existence. Taking a breath is taking portion of energy. Oxygen energize our blood cells and detox our organism from toxins. On the other side of the process, exhaling, release carbon dioxide which is poison for our body.

The Benefits of Deep Breathing

We can make analogy of breathing with the need of eating. When we are very hungry, we eat a plenty of food. It is same when we talking about breathing. When we are doing intensive workouts, like short sprints, we need to breathe deeply.

But the proper breathing shouldn’t be reserved only for people that are engaged in sport activities. Everyone should practice techniques for deep breathing. Proper and deep breathing removes toxins that comes with carbon dioxide, maintains pH level of your body by reducing acidity, boosts circulation, reduces inflammation. Deep breathing also reduces stress, decreases cortisol levels, and helps your heart.

Breathing Advice’s

Modern lifestyle has change our breathing capacity. Instead of working on fields, people are in front of their TV’s and computers.

Today, average human breathe is about half a liter of air. But our real capacity is much larger. If we take really deep breath, we can take nearly 3 liters of air. But our main problem is habit of taking shallow breaths. How can we really overcome these bad habits?

The answer is “mental strength”. We should be aware that our body needs to take deep breaths. Not many people are able to control their focus on deep breathing, but there are many eastern disciplines that can help for increasing your breath. Yoga, tai chi, and also meditation can be very helpful.

These exercises should be your new way of living. They naturally boost your immune system, help developing better interconnection of neurons, improve cardiovascular health, and decrease depression and anxiety.

Breathing with our abdomen is not efficient. Engaging your diaphragm is the right way to proper breathing. Diaphragm is the muscle between chest and abdomen.

With this strong muscle we can make better compression of lungs and exhaling of carbon dioxide, rather than abdominal technique.

When you breathing on your diaphragm, make you sure you give time on your body to exchange carbon dioxide with oxygen. Make slow and deep breaths and then exhale.

It’s very important inhaling filtered and warm air. Inhaling through the nostrils warms and filters out dust, viruses and bacteria. Preprocessed air can reduce many respiratory ailments, and also allergies.

Nostrils are very important for the eastern culture. Each nostrils have special meaning, and also are related with some spiritual, emotional and psychological qualities.

Left nostril is associated with anger and aversion, while the right with the desire.

We can combine diaphragm breathing technique with alternation of air intake through the nostrils. It can helps us in restoring cardio respiratory performance and also emotional balance.

If you want immediate effects and long term benefits, try this technique immediately.