7 Reasons Why Women Should Indeed Lift Weights at the Gym

When exercising, many women think that cardio exercises will bring the best results. Unfortunately, this is not enough for a firm, toned body. Every exercising program should include both cardio and weight exercises. Lifting can have a positive effect over the looks, the physical and mental health.

7 Reasons Why Women Should Indeed Lift Weights at the Gym
  1. Lifting will make you physically stronger. Exercising with weights can significantly improve your independence and make you stronger. This way you will not have the need to constantly look for help. Housework will be easier, holding the child will be easier, and you will decrease the risk of injuries. Moderate weight lifting can increase women strength 30-50%.
  2. You will have stronger bones. Lifting increases the thickness of the bones and thus decreases the risk of osteoporosis. Research shows that if lifting is done for 4 months, this can lead to increasing the bone thickness by 19%. Consuming food rich in calcium, combined with exercising is the best weapon against osteoporosis.
  3. Lower risk of diseases. Regular lifting lowers the risk of chronic diseases. These exercises decrease the sugar level for people with diabetes type 2. Decreasing the body fat can also prevent this disease from happening. Lifting also decreases blood pressure and reduces the risk of strokes by 40% and of heart attack by 15%.
  4. Lifting is good for the brain. One UK research showed that regular lifting improves the productivity of workers by 15%, in days when they lift weights compared to days when they don’t. Other research showed that lifting improves short-term and long-term memory, focus and attention.
  5. Lifting will not make you look like a bodybuilder. Many women are scared of this, but it is wrong. Women body does not produce as much testosterone as man’s, and this hormone has enormous significance for development of big muscles. Normal exercise cannot produce that big muscles in women.
  6. Weight lifting can help to easily deal with stress and improve mood. The more muscles you have, the easier handling the problems is. The results from one Texas research showed that people with more muscle mass have lower level of stress hormones. Another research discovered that after a stressful situation, the blood pressure comes back into normal faster for people that have more muscle mass. Lifting can help in overcoming stress, decreasing anger, improving the mood and even fight depression.
  7. Exercise gives you toned muscles. Two women with same weight can look completely different if one has firm body and the other one not. Lifting accelerates the metabolism work and muscle mass burns calories eve when standing still.
  • First lifting than cardio. It is best to do both but you need to be careful to always to weight lifting first. The body needs 20-30 minutes to start burning fats as a “fuel”. If you do cardio first, you will get too tired to do the lifting.
  • Certain group of muscles. Do not attempt to do everything in one day. It is best to divide the exercises according to muscle groups.
  • Have a 2 day break. Give the muscles time for recovery. It is sufficient to exercise 3 times per week to have great results.
  • Start with a small weight. Do not start with big weight. Pick one that will only make you tired after the 12th repetition. When you are able to do 15 repetitions, increase it. A bit of muscle pain is normal, but not strong and sharp.
  • Breathing. While lifting, you mustn’t forget breathing. Keeping the air can increase the blood pressure. Always exhale when lifting weight.

Program example:

One hour three times a week

Start with 10 minutes of warm-up. Move on to 30 minutes lifting and then finish with 20 minutes cardio.

Lifting Schedule:

Monday – chest, shoulders and triceps
Wednesday – legs
Friday – back and biceps