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healthy tips

These 5 Phones Have The Highest Rate of Radiation

Some say it’s harmless, other say let’s make sure that the internet has no shortage of hysterical medical theories. One way or the other, relevant institutions say that all cellphones in U.S have to be tested for SAR (Specific Absorption Rate), which means to see whether the phone radiation is …

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Warning! Microwave Ovens Can Cause These Health Problems

Even though microwave ovens are very fast and convenient things, they can cause numerous health problems and diseases. Two scientists during World War II invented tube that made microwaves for war purposes. But, later on, Percy LeBaron Spencer of the Raytheon Company discovered that microwaves can cook food. Radar Range …

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Cell Phones Radiation: 10 Simple Precautions

Cell phones are two-way microwave radios that were never properly tested for safety. Antennas for cell phones are continually searching for signals from towers to send and receive information. The body or brain absorbs about half the radiation emitted from a phone at any time. People who use cell phones …