These 5 Phones Have The Highest Rate of Radiation

Some say it’s harmless, other say let’s make sure that the internet has no shortage of hysterical medical theories. One way or the other, relevant institutions say that all cellphones in U.S have to be tested for SAR (Specific Absorption Rate), which means to see whether the phone radiation is absorbed to your body. Maximum allowed is 1.6 watts/kg of flesh.

These 5 Phones Have The Highest Rate of Radiation

The following are examples of cellphones that have the highest radiation, the closest to maximum legal allowed amount of radiation.

  1. Huawei Vitria (SAR 1.49)

This phone is available on metroPCS for $130 prepaid. It seems like a good deal for LTE compatible phone. The only catch is – it might be slowly sterilizing you from your pocket. Then again – maybe it is giving you some sort of a superpower.

  1. Alcatel One Touch Evolve (SAR 1.49)

If you own this phone, it is probably because of the price – $99 all in. Other than that, the screen is blurry, the android is not the best, the processor is slow and there is no 4G support. On the plus side, however, the name implies that any imitation you may get is going to be a more of evolution than a horrible deformity.

  1. Motorola Moto E (SAR 1.5)

One of the best budget phones out there with a price of only $140. The screen size and the RAM is a plus, as is the water-resistant screen.

  1. Motorola Droid Ultra (SAR 1.54)

Now you know what that “ultra” is for – it stands for an ultra dose of  radiation, and is rather pricy too – $500 off contract.

  1. Motorola Droid Maxx (SAR 1.54)

Finally, the number one phone that can double as a pocket warmer and a 15 hour battery life that will keep that barely legal dose of radiation blasting your lower body all day long. The thing is – it has fairly good ratings that raises the bar on performance.

There you go, if you are a sort of hypochondriac, you may want to avoid these phones.

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