Cell Phones Radiation: 10 Simple Precautions

Cell phones are two-way microwave radios that were never properly tested for safety. Antennas for cell phones are continually searching for signals from towers to send and receive information. The body or brain absorbs about half the radiation emitted from a phone at any time.

Cell Phones Radiation: 10 Simple Precautions

People who use cell phones more than 30 minutes per day (average) for 10 years have a doubled or higher risk of brain cancer. Teenagers who start to use cell phones develop 4 to 5 times more brain cancer in less than a decade.


Cell Phones Lower Sperm Count

Men who use cell phones 2 to 4 hours per day have 30% lower sperm count than non-users; daily use over 4 hours results in 40% lower sperm count. Studies have shown that microwave radiation can damage sperm.



Group of 20 world-renowned scientists from various countries, who founded the David Servan – Schreiber (David Servan – Schreiber), a professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh, USA, made 10 recommendations for protection from cell phone electromagnetic waves.

  1. First recommendation is to not allow children younger than 12 years to use cell phones except in emergencies, because the human organs in the growth and development are more sensitive to electromagnetic waves. Today, however, about 18% of school children use own cell phones.
  2. The second recommendation is to keep the cell phone away one meter from the body because the amplitude of the magnetic field is reduced 50 times at a distance of one meter.
  3. A third recommendation is to keep the distance from the person talking on a cell phone in more than a meter, avoid using cell phone on public transport, where other people nearby could be passively exposed to the impact of electromagnetic waves .
  4. The fourth recommendation is to avoid sleeping with your cell phone nearby.
  5. Fifth recommendation is in cases where you have to carry a cell phone, antenna is not directed towards the body.
  6. Sixth recommendation is to avoid long conversations.
  7. Seventh recommendation during conversation regularly change ear which you hold your cell phone to.
  8. Eighth recommendation is to avoid using cell phones when the signal is weak or when moving fast, as is the case when we are in the car or train.
  9. Ninth message is to increasingly use text messages to communicate, because it decreases the time duration of exposure to electromagnetic waves and the proximity of the mobile phone in relation to the body.
  10. Tenth message is to choose a device with lowest electromagnetic penetration into the body, consult an expert, operator or view a list of the level of electromagnetic waves that emit different models of cell phones, which are located on the site David Servan-Schreiber, www.guerir.fr who was himself stricken with brain cancer.