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20 Possible Cancer Symptoms You Must Not Ignore!

To protect yourself from cancer, don’t just rely on routine tests, it is equally important to listen to your body and notice anything different, strange or unexplainable. These are some signs you must not ignore: Difficulties breathing or lack of air One of the first signs in many lung cancer …

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This Recipe With Acacia Is 100% Easy And Useful!

Acacia,it is said it’s good for the throat, cough, colds, headaches and stomach cramps. Acacia mix is very refreshing for hot days too! Necessary ingredients: One liter of water 18 oz. of sugar One and a half teaspoon of citric acid Acacia Preparation: Heat the water and the sugar. When it …

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Eat More Pistachios Because of These 5 Reasons

Well, who doesn’t love pistachios, those delicious seeds that grow on Pistachio tree? They are native to Central Asia and the Middle East and Chinese people consume twice as many pistachios per year than Americans. Paleo and Whole30 diet, for example, suggest for people to eat a whole foods and …

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This Amish Black Healing Balm Is Perfect For Your Skin!

Black healing balm is a natural remedy that has been used since long time ago, created by the Amish. Today, this balm is really popular because it is used for detoxification but also for removal of foreign objects stuck under the skin surface. This balm is a mix of natural …

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