healthy food

healthy food

Wild Garlic – A Miracle Of The Nature!

This herb can be found on wet grass fields and mountain forests where there is humus soil. It has strong and characteristic smell of garlic that you can feel before even seeing the herb. This smell is also “guilty” for its name “wild garlic”, which is different from Lily of …

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This Woman Lost More Than 20 lbs In A Totally Unexpected Way!

After a successful fight against breast cancer, Mia Stern realized that she has to change her life habits and diet. Thanks to the changes which she introduced to the menu, she got her health back, and totally unplanned and totally unexpected she lost 24 pounds. This woman completely changed her …

home remedies

healthy food

Ginger-Garlic Soup Against Colds & Flu

Guess what? No need for the flu shot since there is a different, natural and homemade remedy! Almost no virus is immune to a soup made from 50 garlic cloves, lemon and thyme. Norovious viruses, fly and colds are not exceptions! Alicin is a chemical ingredient found in garlic that …