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High Fiber – Low Sugar Smoothie Recipe

This recipe for smoothie is good for those that avoid sugar at all costs, and this includes the raw, natural sugar found in fruits – fructose. Most smoothies are rich with sugar due to the fact that they are mostly made of fruit. And like I previously said – fruits …

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Weight Loss Smoothie Recipe

This smoothie recipe is great for breakfast. It will provide the necessary ingredients for the whole day, and yet help you lose weight. All this while enjoying the delicious taste that will refresh you and make your day more productive. Ingredients: One banana, sliced. It will make the smoothie sweet …

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10 Fruits and Veggies and Their Incredible Health Benefits

Eating lots of vegetables and fruits can reduce the risk of various chronic diseases, protect against diabetes and heart disease, promote liver and kidney health and support a healthy body weight. Raw, cooked, hot or frozen, these 10 fruits and veggies will charge you up, fill you with vitamins, antioxidants …

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