How Burning Wood Ash Can Be Of Huge Help!

Ash from burning wood is such a useful thing, it can be used in many ways, therefore if you have burning wood as a heating method – do not throw it away by any means!

How Burning Wood Ash Can Be Of Huge Help!
  • Farmers know best how much burning wood ashes can help the soil, so they frequently use it as a fertilizer and to increase the soil acidity. It is especially good for plants that love calcium like tomatoes, spinach, garlic and roses. Before you plant these herbs, add a quarter of a cup of ashes in the soil.


  • Also, when you mix the ash with water and leave it for a few days and then strain it, you got something great for cleaning clothes, floors, silver objects and similar.


  • A little thicker option of ash and water in the form of paste can take off stains from furniture. Also, the soap made from such mixture is great for those that have greasy hair.


  • Ash is really good in getting rid of bad smells in the house, but in the fridge too, and it works similarly like vinegar, which you leave to “soak in” the bad smell of some rotten foods.


  • Some pests, like snails and different insects cannot stand ashes, so you can easily eliminate them with the help of this “garbage”. Same goes to ants – pour ashes over the anthill and the ants will immediately leave. It is useful to sprinkle some ash over the corners of the basement, because this way you will chase away the mouse, cockroaches and similar pests.


  • Ash can be of help in cleaning your home pets from fleas. Make a past by ashes and vinegar and apply it on your animals. Make sure to be able to wash them after this treatment.