This “Hulk Potion” Will Make You Feel Fresh and Powerful!

This smoothie recipe is a morning blast because it can provide you the most needed nutrients that your body craves for in the morning and also make sure you have a smooth running day. You will need the following ingredients:

This “Hulk Potion” Will Make You Feel Fresh and Powerful!
  • One cucumber
  • One apple
  • Four garlic cloves (optional – in case you have to go to work)
  • One chunk of ginger – make it as big as you would prefer, but be careful ginger can be pretty spicy
  • Three celery sticks
  • One clump of kale, about the size of salad portion

Blend all the ingredients together, just make sure to first chop them at least a bit, so that your blender does not get overwhelmed.

You can add a couple of ice cubes that will contribute to the freshness of the beverage.

This smoothie is an amazing energy booster that will last the whole day. As a bonus – it will take care of your digestion system and detoxify your stomach and intestines.