Find Out What Is The Difference Between Losing Weight And Losing Fat!

 If you want to lose weight, but to do it healthy – remove the weight scale, and don’t use it while in the process! Healthy weightloss includes losing fat in a good way.

Find Out What Is The Difference Between Losing Weight And Losing Fat!

This fat is stored energy, and if it is not bad, it is not wrong. It’s there on purpose and will continue to be so, unless we don’t want to function. We eat in order to have energy to function, and part of everything we consume is utilized in processes like moving, breathing and thinking, while a part is stored as a reserve in fat cells.

When we become adults the number of these fat cells does not increase, and we can compare them to pockets. They can be full or empty, but we will always have them – which means that they can be big or small, but can never disappear.

What we use as a fuel to keep our organism working is the fat. The body can be explained as a machine working on power and this power comes from the food we eat. When we don’t have a lot of fuel, our body goes into “economic mode” whereby it stores fat in order to keep reserves of energy. When the organism uses this stored fat, the only thing left is the carbon dioxide that we exhale.

In order to accelerate this process and motivate the body to use up the reserves, you can either exercise, or diet or do both.

If You Choose Diet

Diet as such can actually do more harm than good sometimes. You have to be careful not to have your organism suffer from malnutrition. You certainly will lose pounds, but your organism will be shocked. This shock can cause the extra pounds to come back as quick as you lost them. This was actually proven and we can notice it in everyday examples. People usually regret choosing this mode only. The organism safe system and the self-preservation are at stake here. You need to be extremely cautions to keep the organs properly functioning and not have this happen.

Basically all diets will be effective in the goal of losing weight in short term, but every time you try a new one, your organisms’ response will change and it will get harder and harder to lose the accumulated fat. Choosing to quickly lose weight is not healthy.

If You Choose Exercise

Obesity and overweight shouldn’t be ignored, these are serious conditions. In the past people thought that dieting can solve the problem, but now – we know better. Dieting by itself is not enough to keep our body slim AND healthy. To have this, you need to exercise. Exercising makes the body spend the fat reserves and build muscle instead of fat tissues.

Not only weight loss, but work of the muscles is of crucial importance too. If you build muscles, your scale may not show that you are losing weight. Better way to see if you are thinner is to check how your clothes fit.

Emptying the fat cells will be effective in the long-run too because you will continue losing weight. The difference is that you can’t know how many pounds you lost because you are gaining muscle mass. Balancing a good diet and sporting three times weekly can help you measure your success in other ways.

Similarly, exercising only – won’t help a lot too! In order to burn the fat and stimulate the metabolism you will have to create lack of calories in your body. Logically – the winning combo is diet plus exercise. Be aware to have a balanced diet and have at least 3 good sporting sessions weekly if you want the healthy, long lasting results!