Get Rid Of Negative Energy In Your Home With These 10 Simple Techniques!

Feng shui gives the best explanation why happiness is not up to good circumstances and not up to destiny of certain people.

Get Rid Of Negative Energy In Your Home With These 10 Simple Techniques!

All you need to do is just pay some attention to everyday activities and solve mistakes that are becoming more and more frequent in modern society.

We tell you the ten best feng shui mistakes that you can make!

  • You have a routine of keeping your exercising machines and your working equipment in the bedroom.

The bedroom should be able to give you the best zone for intimacy and relaxation, not the energy of hard work and exercise. Keeping your computer or running track in your bedroom, or even a TV, will quickly show the effect in the form of having hard time to relax, peace destruction and no atmosphere of intimacy.
Move your exercise equipment, work, watch TV or exercise in a different room.

  • You allow for chaos to happen.

Old newspapers, magazines, books, dirty laundry or bunch of toys can give you a sense of feeling emotionally and physically “down”. Keep your home neat, clean it at least once a week to feel free, healthy and full of energy.

  • You have full, untidy closets

Closets, same like the whole room turned into one, however practical and nice have their own capacity. Do not over fill it, because you will push away people that can help you and like you, all by yourself.
If you haven’t worn something for a few seasons, get rid of it! You can throw it away or give them to someone. Empty at least a third of the closet, to make room for something new in your life. Keep everything tidy and sorted.

  • You have empty walls that look lifeless

Empty walls make it harder to become devoted to relaxing and pleasure. Take enough time to fill your home with art pieces that inspire you, or you can get creative yourself. In case you don’t have enough money, use posters, flyers or interesting wallpapers.

  • You leave the toilet seat cover open

Women have been talking about this problem for years, and there is a good reason for it! The toilet is something that can remove good things from your life. Maintain the routine to close the toilet seat cover when not using it. Also, close the bathroom doors.

  • You don’t clean the windows

If you don’t do this regularly, it is quite possible that you are missing out on many things. Windows are a symbol of your fame and reputation. When the glass is clean and shiny, the environment will get to see your ability and talent, so it will support you and respect you. When they are dirty and muggy, these golden chance will simply pass you by.

  • You ignore creaking

Creaking doors, whether it is room doors, or closet doors, are always a sign that you are adamant. A few drops of special oil or wax, or even olive oil will stop the noise. This will show that you are ready and open for new possibilities.

  • You rarely cook

Your kitchen is the core of your home. When not used, all of the spheres of your life can suffer. If you cook at home more often, you will surely be happier and healthier. If you don’t have time for cooking, try to at least turn on the oven once a day, for coffee or tea. This generates warmth and vitality.

  • You keep unnecessary things, unwanted gifts that you don’t like

Your aunt has decided that her favorite brown carpet from Afghanistan, that smells like oil and doesn’t belong with the overall design of your house, should still belong to you.
No matter if you use it, or have just packed it and it is at the bottom of the closet, it is regardless a source of memories that you don’t favor.
Get rid of unwanted gifts in a way of giving them to someone else or throwing them away. This is how you will free yourself from the chains from the past and move on.

  • If you have a house: you rarely use the main entrance

Your main entrance door is a symbol of your career and the life pathway, If you constantly use the garage or the back door to get in your home, you can very quickly lose the sight of your life goals.
You limit yourself in the possibility of promotion or employment, or losing creativity. Let it become a daily routine to use the main entrance.