Did You Know That Blood Type Influences Women Character? Check Out Each Type’s Characteristics!

More than 25 centuries, people are dealing with finding an answer for the women’s temperament. This interest has primarily been connected to obvious differences between people. When it comes to temperament, it is often understood as an order of psychological characteristics: depth and stability of emotions, energy of actions, individual characteristics of attitudes.

Did You Know That Blood Type Influences Women Character? Check Out Each Type’s Characteristics!

There are numerous ways and methods and accesses of answering this questions. Japanese and Koreans are sort of faithful to the theories that connect temperamental characteristics to the blood group of humans. What is your blood group? Do not be surprised if your, below described characteristic, seems very precise.

Even today, Japanese take into account blood group.


Women’s temperament according to the blood group:

(0) blood type

Women that have this type of blood are quite egoistical. In relationships with men, they are very jealous and passionate. They are dominant and strong persons. These representatives of the prettier gender try to control their chosen one in almost everything, so that men, that would try to lie to her, will hardly ever accomplish this.

These women become quickly indifferent to men that are quiet and weak. It is worth mentioning that between successful women, good at their jobs as well as famous people, it is precisely women with this blood type that are predominant.

They expect happiness, satisfaction and softness from their men. As a wife, one would control everything from the background, and be often an active participant in the career establishment of their husband. As mothers, they behave quite friendly to their kids, and they accomplish their personal ambitions through their husband and children.

(A) blood type

This blood type is characterized by women full of patience and calmness. Very often they have a reputation of unselfish, friendly and very disciplined. Above all, these women appreciate comfort and tidiness. They always want a non-conflict problem resolution.

But, before all of this, carriers of this blood type are very stubborn and often irritable. They often see themselves as subordinates. In love relationships they are very shy.

They respect their partner and his qualities. However, because of emotional and sensitive nature, they would discover their feelings just when they are completely sure that they will not be played and hurt. As a wife, one would be ideal. Women of blood type A are mothers that support and control their children, but also require much of them.

(B) Blood type

These women are characterized by their flexibility: they are great in handling loneliness, but in a big collective they feel like a fish in water. Contrary to the other two blood types they don’t like to be the leader, nor the subordinate. But, they know quite well how to get the best out of different situations, while still keeping their independence.

Such women are fabulous in company. They like to flirt. It is not surprising that they have a lot of friends of the other gender.

They respect softness and satisfaction in love, as well as happiness and faithfulness, and constant attention of their chosen one. In partner relationships they can seem a bit demanding and untouchable and this is why they have a hard time deciding on marriage. However, when they do marry and become mothers, they are very devoted to the family.

(AB) blood type

The representatives of this blood type are very sensitive and unbalanced. They are very tactical, decent and honest. These women are frequently loved. They are very honest in love relationships.

They love men with adventurist souls, however they enjoy in love only as long as they are allowed to stay mystical. As mothers they are very tolerant, mild and non-demanding. They successfully find the measure of how much they can be friends with their kids.