Do You Have a Large Behind? That Might Mean You Will Live Longer!

A research in University of Oxford discovered that women with bigger behinds are lower chance of chronic illnesses development and are smarter compared to women with smaller or average sized buttocks.

Do You Have a Large Behind? That Might Mean You Will Live Longer!

Women that have large behind have lower cholesterol levels due to their hormones, and this results in quicker sugar processing.

Moreover, it was found out that these women have a lower risk of getting diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. The Omega-3 fatty acids are the responsible agents for this, and they also improve the brain functioning.

Professor Manolopoulos, the head of the study, claims that women that have more fat in their buttocks have lower cholesterol levels and lower glucose levels.

16.000 women took a part in the research and the information has been concluded from every one of them.

Having a large bottom can also be good for balancing the level of the hormone leptin (which regulates the weight). Dinopectina is another hormone that benefits from having a bigger behind. This hormone has anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory characteristics, while also protecting the vascular system.

The adipose tissue of the behind is lake a trap for fatty particles and therefore protects the whole body from cardiovascular diseases.

Other universities like the one from California and Pittsburgh have done alike studies that supposedly claimed similar outcomes.

The conclusion is that women that have bigger behinds, wide hips and small waistlines (sandglass figure) may even have higher life expectancy.