Learn More About Aspartame And How Careful You Need To Be!

You have probably heard about Aspartame, and if you do some research you will find lots of information whether true, or not.

Learn More About Aspartame And  How Careful You Need To Be!

Still, this article is about the safety of the product, since we are repeatedly advised that is not hazardous, and if it was, experts from medicine and the Government would have informed us.

However, there is one reason that is pretty obvious why we were lied to so far, regarding its safety – it is about corporate profit.

It has been first created by the pharmaceutical company G.D. Searle, but they were unable to get the FDA to approve it, because of the fact that animals used in the research developed brain lesions, tumors, seizures and some eve died.

They continued in their assurance that it was safe, even though they were repeatedly rejected for 16 years.

After a long time, the FDA contacted the Department of Justice to prosecute the company for using deceptive examination data all to get Aspartame approved. An eminent doctor from FDA, turned to Congress claiming that aspartame definitely triggers tumors in the brain.

The National Soft Drink Association rejected aspartame too, with the explanation that it is not safe to have it in carbonated drinks since its liquid form is rather unstable and breaks down into many compounds, among which – formaldehyde.

In 1985 this company was bought off by Monsanto and the NutraSweet Company which worked as part of Monsanto until the new millennia, when it was sold to another corporation called J.W. Childs Equity Partners.

For this period of time, the FDA discovered 92 symptoms connected to the intake of aspartame including: deafness, dizziness, nausea, weight gain, blindness and even death.

It says on the website of aspartame itself, that this is part of over six thousand products around the world.

The Aspartame Resource Center also acts as a P.R. and arm of information of Ajinomoto, which is one of the largest producers of aspartame globally, with the second place going to the NutraSweet Company.

The site “provides” data about safety of aspartame, and one section is under the name of “Meet the doctors” which is technically a list of their medical advisory board.
“The Aspartame Information Center Expert Medical Advisory Board was created to help guide the Center’s communications to health professionals and the public about aspartame benefits, safety, and role in a healthy diet.

The board members provide counsel on current medical and nutrition science, as well as insight on tools that help address the needs of health professionals in their work. Their backgrounds span critical areas of medicine and science, and each has unique experience in health and nutrition.”

According to the Aspartame Resource Center, simply looking at the ingredient list will reveal if the product contains aspartame, as the FDA demands that it is labeled.

Basically the ARC says that if you read the list of ingredients of the product you will see that it has aspartame in it, since the FDA demands labeling in this case.

However, be aware that even if its name is not on the label, but you can find phenylalanine on it – it is basically the same because aspartame is a component of it.

Also, make sure you are careful and looking out for it, since it can be included in products that you don’t think it would be, for example vitamins or antibiotics in liquid form.