Read How The Frequency Of Your Mind Can Cure Any Disease!

Long time ago, Nikola Tesla spoke that people will one day produce electrical energy with their own minds – our mind has exceptionally powerful energy.

Read How The Frequency Of Your Mind Can Cure Any Disease!

Stunning theory that cancer can be cured in a very simple way, has been popularized by the American author Gregg Braden for years now. He is famous for his theories of cancer cure.
Namely, he claims that emotions affect our DNA and that the collective power of the mind, like prayer or suggestion, has the power to cure any physical disease.
Cancer disappears with the intentional action and consciousness of existing obstacles between our mind and the manifestation in the physical world, using the field that connects everything. This ether field that he is talking about has been scientifically proven and introduced in the leading expert magazine “Nature” in 1996.

Control over mind and emotions

Our mind and emotions create an electromagnetic field. The waves of this field go up to one meter from our body. Long time ago Nikola Tesla said that in future, people will create electrical energy with the strength of their own mind, meaning our mind are an extremely powerful energy. But, this is referring to the focused, strong thoughts, not to the ones that are scattered on everything we see or feel. Mutual minds can create very strong electromagnetic field and have an impact over the environment.
When this technique develops, it would not be fictional anymore, but it would represent a technology as a basis for curing diseases. Perhaps this has been proven by a shocking video tape from a hospital in China, where it is shown how cancer is cured for less than three minutes, following the whole process with a monitoring ultrasound. If you want to create strong electromagnetic field, you would have to learn to implement control over your thoughts and get it stronger with exercise.

Emotions may change DNA

Our emotions and feelings represent a mirror. Everything we produce inside of ourselves, we reflect in the environment, getting exactly what we have inside of us. If for example, we say I will get healthy one day or one day I will become happy, or something similar, the mirror responds in a way that this will never happen, or at least – not in near future. If instead, you speak and feel that you are changing at the moment, as if that is happening, that is when change occurs, our DNA is changing and we are changing.
Science has claimed for years that our faith and our feelings have no influence over the diseases and our life, but psychooncology says the contrary. It is exactly our feelings, minds, emotions and faith that direct everything that happens to us and our life.
You can try this technique and see for yourself. After all, working on your self-conscience is never a loss of time.