If This Shows Up On The Wrist of Your Hand, Go To The Doctor Immediately!

Wrist injuries can happen because of several reasons, such as infections, abnormal growths and cysts bursitis, broken bone, inflammation, strains, tumors, and others. If you have swelling on your wrist, you should immediately go to the doctor.

If This Shows Up On The Wrist of Your Hand, Go To The Doctor Immediately!

Here are just some reasons for wrist injuries:

De Quervain syndrome

This syndrome is when the extensor ligament of the thumb is hurt and as a result, we have swelling and soreness. Because of that, we feel abnormal pain and the thickness of the ligament.


Ganglions are a cyst in the soft tissue lump, and it is linked to any joint, but it most often happens on and around tendons and joints of the hands and feet.


Lipomas are tumors in the palms or wrists and they are very painful. They also make hands very sensitive.


This condition happens when inflammation gets into the fluid-filled sheath that surrounds a tendon. Tenosynovitis happens when our body is over stressed or in a trauma. The abductor muscle and the short extensor in the thumb are mostly affected with this condition.

Nodular tenosynovitis

This condition causes tumors in fingers, hip, ankles, spine, shoulders and wrists. It is severe, but it doesn’t hurt.

When it comes to treating these conditions, some of the require meds but rest for the rest of them patients need to undergo a surgery.