The Symptoms Of Kidney Disease Which You Should Know About

It is incredible, but there are more than two million nephrons in our kidneys. These nephrons filter around 4 liters of blood each five minutes. They function like this non-stop.

The Symptoms Of Kidney Disease Which You Should Know About

Our kidneys have one of the lead roles in the show of keeping our organism healthy and “clean”. Besides cleaning our blood, the kidneys also make sure that we maintain the exact balance of salts and minerals that is right for our body.

When the kidneys stop doing their work, meaning they stop filtering the blood, and waste in the organism is piling up, this condition is called acute kidney failure and can be fatal.

Your body can tell you if something is right or if something is not right and if not, what could be wrong. The symptoms described below can indicate kidney disease. If you experience some of these, it is very important to go and consult your doctor regarding the issue.

  1. Swelling And/Or Inflammation

When the blood is not getting purified, this results in accumulation of waste materials in the body. This can happen because of kidney malfunction. All of this might result in swelling, mostly in the legs and feet.

  1. Skin Rashes

If there is waste accumulation in your body, it will be noticeable by the color and texture of the skin. Rashes, itching, unhealthy looking skin can be just a few symptoms telling you that something is wrong with the kidneys.

  1. Change In The Urinary Cycle

The good thing about easy discovery of problems is that you can find out if something is wrong with your kidneys, only by observing the urinating process. Whether you have difficulties, color, texture, etc. Symptoms can include:

  • Difficulty while urinating
  • Foamy urine
  • Dark or pale urine color
  • Small or less frequent amounts of urine
  • Need to exercise strength when urinating
  • Urgency to urinate during the night
  1. Fatigue

There is a hormone, called Erythropoietin (EPO) that the kidneys procure and it controls the red blood cells’ secretion. When kidneys do not perform well, the creation of EPO is disturbed too, and this results in loss of energy and fatigue.

  1. Shortness Of Breath

When the red blood cells number decreases, so does oxygen which is received by the cells and the tissues. Obviously, this phenomena results in shortness of breath.

  1. Metal Taste In Mouth

When there is more waste in your body than it should, this converts the food you consume, resulting in bad breath which causes a taste of metal in the mouth.

  1. Less Focus, Nausea, And Dizziness

Malfunction of the kidneys might cut blood supply to the brain which in turn results in poor concentration. It is not rarely that people dealing with kidney problems, complain about light-headedness, nausea and memory loss.

  1. Pain In The Upper Back Region

The position of your kidneys is close to the upper back. Pain in this region that happens often, can indicate that something with the kidneys is not right.