Could Vitamin B17 be a Cure for Cancer? Read How and Why: Patient Reviews and Experiences Included!

Living in the era of information and globalization has its perks. So many medical studies and research outcomes are available to us to just see, one click away. Although all of these information are available, we still haven’t found cure for cancer.

Could Vitamin B17 be a Cure for Cancer? Read How and Why: Patient Reviews and Experiences Included!

Conventional cancer treatments have dangerous side effects (chemo and radiation).

However, as there is a natural remedy for every disease, perhaps there is one for cancer too. Maybe it has been forgotten, or hidden. It is for you to decide.

What we are talking about are the almighty apricot kernels, excessive with vitamin B17.

To be clear, it cannot be really said that this is a vitamin, it is usually called purasin or laetrile, or laevoratotory or amygdalin, and it has two main ingredients glucose and hydrogen cyanide. I know that the word “cyanide” may activate some alarms but there is really no need to worry. In fact, according to scientific research you will have to consume more than sixty five apricot kernels to really be exposed to a danger.

Many scientists think that this can kill the “malicious” cells, and it would do this the following way: when the glucose enters the cancer cell, the cyanide and the other part called benzaldahyde work simultaneously and destroy the cell.

Many people think that presence of cyanide in their body is not the best part, but it is in fact the cancer that kills the body.

Scientist’s research regarding this issue hasn’t seen the light of the day, since it is not part of the conventional medicine. Some alternative physicians had been using this method to treat cancer affected patients, but the FDA forbid this treatment.

Some believe that his treatment was banned because it could decrease the earnings, since is not patentable.

Some medical professionals had treated their patients illegally, but the results were eliminated by the conventional means.

This intertwinement between cancer, politics and business is a strange one, and unfortunately patients may take the consequences.

There is a book on the market called “World Without Cancer” and another one “The Story of Vitamin B17” that obviously have the same intentions. To be informative.

This article is not about convincing you to consume laetrile but rather to see what works best for you and be informed about pro’s and con’s.

If you decide to consume the Apricot kernels, you can find them on Amazon, however make sure you read the reviews and see people’s experiences regarding the product. We copy and paste what a women had wrote:

” I ordered these seeds two months back, and this is what has actually occurred with my other half ~ toenail fungi, gone! Indigestion, gone! Prostate problems, solved! Weight loss, 15 pounds.
I have lost 5 pounds and feel more energized. Yes, they are bitter … [but] … unless you are a real weenie, you need to have no issues chewing these up. I consume them by themselves, or in some cases with a piece of dark chocolate … I am now eating 8 a day and feel much better than ever!”

To reach the best possible results patients have been consuming the kernels with decreased sugar diet at the same time. You can do more research on experiences and see what can work best for you, if you are affected by cancer. Although this might be in need of more scientific evidence, you probably have tried even more dangerous methods. If consumed in a small dosage, when you compare it to cancer, which we all know how deadly it is – this might not put you in any kind of the same danger.

Is this the real cancer cure? We can’t know for sure, but what we do know that is laetrile is still prohibited. However you can legally get the seeds as a dietary supplement.