20 Indian Life Rules That Will Inspire You And Make You Happier

Ethical codex of North American Indians can inspire us all of important changes and thinking about life…

20 Indian Life Rules That Will Inspire You And Make You Happier
  1. Get up with the sun and pray. Pray alone. Pray often. The Great Spirit will hear out your prayers at some point.
  2. Be tolerant to those who lost their path. Ignorance, anger and jealousy come from the lost souls. Pray for them to find their right path again.
  3. Find yourself. Don’t allow the others to direct your path. It is only your path! The rest can go with you, but no one can go ahead of you.
  4. Be thoughtful of the guests in your house. Serve them your best food, offer them your best bed, be fair and just to them.
  5. Don’t take what does not belong to you, whether it is from the community, the nature or someone’s culture. You did not deserve it or earn it. It is not yours.
  6. Respect everything on Earth, the people, the animals and the herbs.
  7. Respect the opinion of others, their wishes and words. Don’t ever interrupt others while they are speaking, don’t object them, don’t laugh at them. Let everybody have their right of personal opinion.
  8. Don’t ever speak badly of other people. The negative energy you send and enjoy, will come back to you threefold.
  9. All people make mistakes. Every mistake can be forgiven.
  10. Negative thoughts create disease of the mind, the body and the spirit. Practice optimism.
  11. Nature is not ours, it is part of us. Nature is part of our global family.
  12. The children are the future. Plant love in their hearts, lead them with wisdom and teach them of life. While they are growing, give them room to grow.
  13. Avoid hurting other people’s hearts. The poison of the pain will come back at you.
  14. Be always honest.
  15. Maintain your balance. Mentally, spiritually, emotionally and bodily “I” must be equally strong, clean and healthy. Invigorate your body to invigorate your mind. Grow in spirituality to heal your emotional wounds.
  16. Decide consciously what are you going to be and how are you going to be, how are you going to act and stand behind your actions. Be responsible for your actions.
  17. Respect other’s privacy and personal space. Do not interfere in other’s property, especially not in the sacred and spiritual. That is forbidden,
  18. Be sure of yourself. You cannot be caring and help others if you are not caring of you and if you don’t help yourself first.
  19. Respect other’s religious beliefs. Don’t force others to believe in yours.
  20. Share your happiness.