3 Easy Do-It-Yourself Hair Solutions

Just wondering if you girls had any cool tips that you’d like to share. Here are some of our personal favorite

Expensive Salon Treatment at Your Home

The expensive “hot extra nutrient rich conditioning oil treatments” that are offered at the salon can be done at home. Pour a cupped palm-sized dollop of any conditioner (some of the really cheap shampoos and conditioners , contain alcohol and other ingredients which can really dry out hair ) and rub it into your clean, wet hair, focusing on the ends. Then wrap up your hair in a towel and let it set for twenty minutes. The natural body heat will build up in the towel and open the hair shaft, allowing the conditioner to get all up in your business. Afterwards, hop back in the shower and rinse.


Boosted Hair Conditioner

Another awesome hair treatment is to combine your usual amount of hair conditioner + 1/4 portion aloe vera gel + 1/4 portion honey into a bowl. You can microwave it for a few seconds so it gets runny and warm, then smooth it onto your wet hair in the shower. Cover with a shower cap, leave on for as long as you want — around 45 minutes while studying, for example — then wash the rest out. It is divine.


Heated Eyelash Curlers

Heat eyelash curlers up with a blow dryer or under hot water before you curl your eyelashes… The curler becomes 90x more effective!

Note: be careful not to heat them up too much, though!

Also, always make sure to curl your eyelashes from multiple angles since that way it looks more natural.