If You Want to Beautify and Detox Your Hair and Skin, Use This Magical Ingredient

Charcoal is a magical secret ingredient used to cleanse and detoxify our body. It can also be used to clean your skin and beautify your hair. Here is how you use it:

If You Want to Beautify and Detox Your Hair and Skin, Use This Magical Ingredient

This ingredient is not glamorous as you might wish, but it has numerous health benefits that will make you love it. You just need to use it safely and properly. You can even use it to whiten your teeth.

How does It work?

Toxins stick to activated charcoal, and because of that, it is a great way to clean your skin. It doesn’t have any bad chemicals, and it won’t add them to your skin or hair. It doesn’t have any side effects and your pores won’t be clogged with it.

How To Use Charcoal?

  1. Cleans Spores and Makes Them Smaller

You can use activated charcoal in the face mask to clean dirty pores and make them less visible. It will leave your face fresh and clean. Use them with an exfoliating scrub and it will clean the dead skin off.

  1. It cleans Oily Skin

If you want to balance your skin out, you need to use charcoal. It can be used as a mask or as a rub, and it will eliminate excess oil from the skin.

  1. Treat acne

Charcoal is great for elimination of acne and it can be bought in a soap form. Just use it regularly and your skin will look great. This soap absorbs oils and toxins from your skin, leaving it nice and clean.

  1. Cleanse Your Hair

Activated charcoal will make your skin look great and without dirt. You can use it regularly since the dry shampoos contain this ingredient. But, keep in mind that if you have light hair, it can stain, so it is better to have a test try before using it on the whole hair. You can add the charcoal from the capsule in the regular shampoo and use it.

  1. Adds Volume to Your Hair

If your hair is not washed properly, it can collect dirt in it and become lifeless and without volume. Activated charcoal will clean the hair so much, you will get the volume you wanted.

  1. Helps With Hair Problems

If you use charcoal, dandruff, redness, oily and itchy scalp will not be a problem anymore. It will remove excess toxins and dirt from your hair, and the results will be amazing. Just mix a bit of charcoal with your regular shampoo.