5 Funny Differences Between Single and Committed People

You know what they say, everything has its pros and cons and being single as well as in a relationship, is no exception. Here are five interesting differences between single and committed people.

5 Funny Differences Between Single and Committed People

1.    Friends

Like it or now, we all hang out with our friends more when we’re single. Sometimes, it’s simply because we don’t have enough time and sometimes it’s because we want to (or have to?) spend more time with our significant other. Obviously, we should try to spend time with our friends no matter our relationship status, but it’s clear that when taken, we’re less seen at festivals, concerts, bars, and hey –even at malls.

2.    Money

When single, we usually go out more, spend more money on drinks, parties and expensive clothes. It would make sense then that when in long-term relationships, we should have more money, right? Unfortunately, that’s rarely true – here, we spend money on anniversaries, birthdays, dates, surprises…  In the end, when it comes to money – it’s all the same!

3.    Drinking

Let’s face it, we all drink more when we’re single. Bars, karaoke places, nightclubs – whatever, we’re there and we’re drinking. But when in a committed relationship, not only does the atmosphere changes, but our style of drinking too – we drink less, but better and classier beverages (hello wine!).

4.    Phone Calls

Who knew phone calls can last for hours? Well, now that you’re in a relationship, you. It’s funny, when we’re single, we talk to more people but we spend less time talking, but when in a relationship, we speak to a fewer people but spend more time talking!

5.    Social Media

Social media can be a fun, exciting, unknown world  – for single people. For those who are in committed relationships, it’s usually quite small and restrictive. All is not lost though – you get to set your relationship status to taken!