5 Really Working Tips To Reduce Belly Fat

Many women today struggle with fat around the belly area. They try different diets and many workout programs with no results. Today we are going to tell you which is the easiest way to reduce belly fat and get in shape in 3-6 months. Depending of your % of body fat and your training experience results may vary.

5 Really Working Tips To Reduce Belly Fat


  1. You can’t spot fat reduce

Sorry to crush your dreams but when you burn body fat you burn it from your whole body, and no amount of exercise can’t outrun your fork. So stop doing crunches and ab workout and focus on the basic stuff  like cleaning your diet and working out regularly. Also stop buying those creams that advertiseburning your body-fat in the affected area. Stop believing that there is a magic pill or creams and shakes that burns fat. It all comes to eating healthy, exercise regularly and sleeping 8 hours every day.


  1. Eating a balanced diet

You know what you should be doing but why aren’t you doing them now? Many of you have excuses like I don’t have time to cook, it’s too expensive to cook healthy and it doesn’t taste as good as junk food. Some are valid arguments but eating healthy is not expensive and it’s not time consuming if you know the recipes and if you know how to prepare your meals it can be even tastier than junk food. Eat your protein (red meats, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs and cottage cheese), vegetables ( 2 fist in every meal) and your fats like olive oil, avocado, canola oil, seeds and nuts. There is no perfect ratio of macro-nutrients, so experiment.


  1. Start lifting heavy weights

Lifting heavy weights doesn’t make women bulky it makes them more feminine. Do you want a faster metabolism? For every pound of muscle you burn 6 calories, which doesn’t seem much but packing 10 pounds will burn  60 calories with no effort. Plus you will burn more calories with exercise and you’ll get better nutrition partitioning which means that you can eat more and don’t get fat(Don’t go overboard, use 80/20 rule). Start with 2-3 times full body program like 5×5 or Starting strength which will give you great foundation and base for gaining muscle. And muscle toning is just burning fat and gaining muscle. Don’t be fooled by the quasi instructors who say that you will get bulky by lifting weights because they know what makes you bulky(steroids).


  1. Don’t overdo cardio

Cardio is a great tool for your heart and it is a great too for lowering body fat. But don’t go to the treadmill or any cardio machine and think that doing 1-2 hours of cardio will burn body fat. Yes it burns calories but if you want to lose fat you will need to doing strategically and not as much you’re doing now. Best cardio is the one you love doing frequently and doesn’t impair your lifting. That will be incline walking, hiking, cycling and some low intensity stuff. You will do it after training because your performance will be decreased if you’re doing before. My general rule is doing cardio on off day because I can push more compared to after lifting weights.


  1. Sleep regularly

Sleep is not a waste of time, Sleep is important for recovery, memory and cognitive functioning. Sleep is also important for burning fat. Why do you say? Because sleeps aids recovery and when you sleep Growth hormone is released in bloodstream not sleeping enough and not getting enough quality sleep can burn your muscle and you lose weight but not only body fat. You will lose your muscle and that is bad news. You should focus for sleeping 8 hours and if you’re the lucky one with sleeping 4-6 hours and feeling refreshed then lucky you, keep doing that. But don’t forget sleep is as important as working out and have a regular schedule for sleepin minimum 6 hours.


So that were  5 tips for lowering body fat In the belly for women. Hope you like it and share it with your friends. Follow us on social media for more diet and fitness tips.