Alkaline Diet That Fights Cancer!

Every human on Earth should care about the organism’s healthy pH balance because it is of crucial importance to everyone! The pH levels have a great impact on the body’s overall health. If you want to become, or stay healthy you should maintain an alkaline environment in your body.

Alkaline Diet That Fights Cancer!

The human body goes above and beyond to keep the pH balance slightly alkaline with the value of 7.35, but stress as well as poor diet can alter the pH to one that is acidic, ideal for diseases to develop.

With today’s lifestyle it is very difficult to keep the body in alkaline state because of the all unhealthy foods we consume that are excessive with toxins and different hazardous chemicals.

This way of dieting develops an acidic environment in the organism, significantly increasing the risk of many health problems including cancer.

Consequently, it is extremely important to have healthy food regime that is alkaline – to maintain the body’s natural balance, improve healing and overall well-being.

We give you some very important and useful information regarding restoration the body’s pH balance and maintenance of alkaline environment. Having an alkaline diet will serve as an aid in battling health issues.

  • Alkaline diet should be based on organic leafy green veggies, cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, herbs and spices, root vegies, nuts, beans and peas, seeds, lentils, garlic and onions, small quantity of non-gluten grains like rice and leek as well as chives.
  • Consuming fruits and vegetables is allowed in unlimited quantity. If you like meat, you can have two to four oz. of grass-fed meat, fish or organic poultry every two or three days.
  • Cancer cells consume more glucose compared to healthy ones, so you should avoid sugar. Sugar also decreases the amount of magnesium within the body, further supporting cancer. Agave and honey are not allowed either, you can have non-sweetened apple sauce, dry apricots, pineapple or figs instead.
  • It has been discovered that dairy contains casein protein which makes it one of the highest cancer-causing groceries. Therefore, avoid dairy products in case of cancer, because they produce acid that can result in bone deterioration, inflammation and increase and support cancer growth.
  • Gluten can be a cause of inflammations so glutinous grains should be avoided. Rye, wheat, pasta, whole grains, bread, muffins, cakes, cookies and various different baked goods have lots of gluten so should be eliminated from the diet. You can use buckwheat, amaranth and quinoa as a replacement. Prepared products that have a label “gluten free” should also be avoided due to the fact that they contain added sugar and processed oils.