If Your Body Lacks This, Migraine Might Be Your Enemy

Any type of headache can ruin your day, and if it is a stronger one – it can do that for days! Here is what you might need in your body and what can be the cause of these aches.

If Your Body Lacks This, Migraine Might Be Your Enemy

Strong headache are more and more common nowadays, and the worst part is that sometimes no medicine can help. But did you know that you can get rid of headaches and even migraine by being on a healthy food diet?

Migraine is strong headaches, that reoccur and they are usually on one half of the head. The main symptom is a pulsing pain lasting for a longer period of time. Migraine is accompanied by nausea, eyesight problems, a pain behind the eye or the ear, sensitivity to brightness etc.

There are migraines with and without aura. Aura is neurological symptom that follows migraine, most commonly in the form of problems with the sight.  Migraines with aura include stiffness and tingling sensation in the arms and legs, weakness on one side of the body and dizziness. Sometimes the speech and the hearing can be weakened. The auras usually occur 4-72 hours before migraine attacks. The patient might feel sick, vomiting and having diarrhea. From 70-90% of them have a migraine with aura that occurs few times per week. Migraine however, has to be activated by something.

American scientists claim that most of migraines can be stopped since they are caused by lack of nutrients.

Most of the migraines, as well as headaches caused by intoxication with heavy metals are usually caused by the lack of vitamin B and D.

Scientists were researching the issue for years, and came to a conclusion that if the body has a sufficient amount of these vitamins and is detoxified from harmful metals, than the headaches frequency significantly decreases, or is completely gone.

Mayo Clinic scientists have first determined the causes of intense headaches. Hormonal imbalance for women, unhealthy food, irregular meals, food additives, wine and caffeine beverages, stress, bright light and sounds, changes in sleeping regime, mental tension, change in air pressure, birth control pills and nitroglycerin.

Most of the research was devoted to migraines caused by bad nutrition, since these can be prevented and stopped.

A lack of vitamin B in the organism, especially B2, B6 and B12 is definitely a trigger for migraine attacks.

A 2004 study has proved that high amount of these vitamins can be an effective prevention for migraine. Migraine attacks with participants that took B2 (riboflavin) had been decreased by almost a half. This research also showed that consuming 400mg of B2 daily can be a great prevention of migraine.

A study from 2009 found out that B6 and B12 can definitely decrease the headaches’ intensity as well as their frequency.

A lack of vitamin B causes malfunction in blood circulation in the brain, which can be a trigger for a headache.

Lack of vitamin D is also considered as a migraine trigger. This vitamin is responsible for absorbance of nutrients that are necessary for our body to function and it has anti-inflammatory properties. One study showed that 42% of migraines were caused by lack of vitamin D. The analgesic effect can help you with pain intensity, as well. Therefore, vitamin D decreases the number and intensity of the headaches.

Migraine is actually the first symptom of your body intoxication with metals like mercury, arsenic, chromium etc. Our organism can tolerate a certain amount of these in our body, but when the limit is reached than it is simply showed in the form of migraine.

A minimal correction of your lifestyle and diet, together with consumption of vitamin B and D is a great way to avoid migraine.

Food rich with vitamin B: poultry meat, green leaved veggies, milk products, banana, ostrich.

Food rich with vitamin D: fish, mushrooms, milk products. Exposure to sun can be of help too.