Bugs-Free Home With These 6 Simple Tricks

Bugs in our home are the most annoying things in the world, especially in the summer time. If you want to keep them away from your home, you can do that with these simple tricks.

Bugs-Free Home With These 6 Simple Tricks

Peppermint Oil

Almost all bugs don’t like the smell of peppermint, especially spiders. So all you need to do is to mix a  few drops of the oil with water and spray it on the walls.

Baking soda

Just put some baking soda in all the cracks and crevices in your home. All the moisture from the insect bodies will be drawn by baking soda.


Crush the leaves of mint and put them around your home. It will keep the bugs away, and it is perfectly safe. You can even dry leaves and put them in your closet, or even under your mattress.


Mix vinegar with water and put it in a spray bottle and spray your home with it. Smell is a bit bad, but it will disappear in time.

Lavender, Rosemary, and Eucalyptus

You probably already know that lavender works great against bugs. Just buy these essential oils. Add them in a cup of water and spray all over the home. Your home will smell nice and bugs will stay away.

Cayenne Pepper

Just put a bit of this spice on problematic places, but keep your pets away.


You can also use a vacuum cleaner and it will also do a good job.