You Can Regrow These 10 Plants Again and Again and Have Fresh Veggies All the Time

Veggies are tasty and healthy and you should eat them as often as you can. They are full of good nutrients, but some of them go bad really fast.

You Can Regrow These 10 Plants Again and Again and Have Fresh Veggies All the Time

If you want to have tasty vegetables all the time, there is a simple solution for that. These 10 veggies are easy to grow, and you can also regrow them and have unlimited supplies.


Carrots can grow from carrot tops. Just put the carrot tops in a bowl with water and place this bowl in a well-lit place. These carrots can be a bit bitter, and you can always sweeten them with vinegar and garlic.


If you want to regrow celery, just use celery bottoms. Cut off the base and put it in a pan or shallow bowl. Put the bowl in the sun and when the leaves start to appear, just replant them in a soil.


Just take some basil clippings of 3-4 inches and put them in a glass with water. Put this glass on a sunlight and when the roots become 2 inches, put them in a pot. Basil needs a lot of water, so make sure you water it regularly.

Bok Choy

You just need to put Bok Choy stems in a bowl with water and then place it in a well-lit place. Keep it for a few weeks and after that plant it in a pot with soil to grow.


You just need to be discarded roots to regrow scallions. Just put an inch attached to the root in a glass filled with water and then put the glass in a well-lit place. Ne scallions will grow in just a few days and when they are 4-6 inches long, you can pick them.

Romaine Lettuce

For this, you just need the bottom of the lettuce head. Put it in a bowl that contains half an inch of water and then when you see the first leaves and roots just plant it in a pot with a soil. Or you can even plant it in a garden. You can grow cabbages with the same technique.


If you want to regrow cilantro, just put the stems in a glass with water. When the roots are long, transfer cilantro in a pot and put it in a lighted room. You will have a full plant in just a few months.


Garlic can be regrown out of garlic cloves. These cloves can be used in pasta or salads since they have a mild taste.

Take a glass of water and put cloves sprout in it. Put the glass on the windowsill or on the outside. Replant the sprouts when they reach a couple of inches. Use a large pot and fertile soil. You will notice first leaves after just several days. Remember to pick the garlic when the leaves start falling.


Asparagus can produce spears every spring for 25 years, but only when kept properly. It is better to plant asparagus crowns than seeds because seeds will need a few years to mature.

Globe Artichoke

When artichokes get purple flowers, they should be harvested. You just need a well-drained soil and sunny place to regrow this plant. Just plant 24-36 inches’ artichokes in a well-drained soil and keep 36 inches apart one from another, and also keep them exposed to the sun.

Amend the soil with 2 inches of compost before you plant artichokes, and you will need to fertilize the soil with a high-nitrogen fertilizer, every month. You can harvest them in the spring and fall and also during the secondary peak.

Harvest artichokes when the flower bud is not opened, but the stalk is completely extended.