Be Careful: This Plant Can Cause Blindness and Burn Your Skin

People are often uninformed about dangerous herbs that grow around their homes. For example, there are ten herbs in North America that are very dangerous and children need to stay away from them.

Be Careful: This Plant Can Cause Blindness and Burn Your Skin

When it comes to plants in North America, one of the most poisonous plants in that area is the giant hogweed. It is extremely toxic and can reach a height of up to 14 feet.

Touching and brushing up against hogweed can be very dangerous because this plant has scary consequences. Since it is very tall with green, hairy stems, the risk of touching it is very high.

If you come in contact with this plant, it can cause blindness, third degree burns or even severe blistering. It increases the skin’s sensitivity to light because of the chemical content of the sap. Awful thing is that blisters caused by this plant can last from 6 months to 6 years. If the sap of this plant gets into your eyes, it can cause permanent sensitivity to light.

What to Do If You Get in Contact with Hogweed?

You should avoid getting in contact with this plant in the first place, but if you get in contact you will need to wash the affected area with cold water and get from the sun.

Toxins act within 15 minutes and you need to act quickly. Put the sunscreen on the affected area, and if it gets in your eyes, wash them with water as soon as you can, and put the sunglasses for protection.