Causes of “puffy eyes” and methods of treatment

Eye puffiness usually refers to the swelling of tissues around the eyes, caused by excessive fluid concentration. While a small degree of puffiness may be noticeable for any individual, it is most commonly caused by more serious reasons:

Causes of “puffy eyes” and methods of treatment

1) Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep causes the body to release stress hormone cortisol in a rate that is higher than normal. This results in the breaking of the skin collagen, the main protein that maintains the skin elasticity and smoothness. The skin then becomes more prone to swelling and eye puffiness occurs.

2) Excessive water in the skin

In general, anything extreme is unhealthy for the human body, specifically, the excessive use of water. Since the tissues under the eyes are very gentle, the surplus of water in the body gets concentrated under the eyes. It is therefore very important to take as much water as the body “wants.”

3) Overconsumption of salt

The high concentration of sodium in the body is another serious cause of eye puffiness. Make sure to adjust the diet to reduce the sodium intake.

4) Alcohol

Toxins contained in alcohol typically cause stress, fatigue and changes in the hormonal function of the body, which can lead to fluid retention and swelling around the eyes.