Check This Awesome Ginger Jam Recipe!

During this season of colds, when people are more prone to catching colds and other virus’ infections, it is necessary to pay more attention to your health.

Check This Awesome Ginger Jam Recipe!

The best way to defend yourself against all of these intruders is getting the immune system stronger.

We prepared this recipe only for you because it is a vitamin bomb – ginger jam with lemon and honey. This jam will help in strengthening not only your immunity, but of the ones from your family too.

RECIPE: Ginger jam with lemon and honey



  • one middle-sized ginger
  • 3 lemons
  • A cup of honey


Wash the lemon, cut it in small pieces and grind them or blend them.

Prepare the ginger and grind it. Mix the lemon and the ginger and pour honey over it. Stir the mixture and pour in big jar.

This jam does not require thermal preparation. You can keep it for a while, thanks to the conserving properties of the honey.

You can add them in tea, spread it on bread or simply consume one tablespoon per day.

Be sure that this is one of the best natural ways for improving your immunity in times of winter season.