Be Careful With Body pH Levels! Here’s What You Need To Know…

The amount of acid in the fluids in your organism indicates the “acidity”, while the ability to lose the aforementioned fluids for acid neutralization is called “alkalinity”.

Be Careful With Body pH Levels! Here’s What You Need To Know…

Blood, saliva and urine are very important for many natural processes like oxygen transportation, lubrication and protection of the organism.

To avoid any dangerous situations for your body, the acidic values have some range to be within.

Something you may have heard called “pH” is an acronym for “potential hydrogen”, and it measures the concentration of the hydrogen-ion. The values start from 0 and can go up to 14. Higher value means more oxygen. Lower pH level means less oxygen and acidity. Neutral value is taken at 7.0.

The following limits indicate the normal values of pH

  • Blood: 7.35-7.45
  • Urine: 4.6-8.0
  • Saliva: 7.0-7.5

A pH value that has lower value than the prescribed one shows that your organism is not properly functioning and it becomes acidic. Many people don’t even get their pH levels examined because they are not familiar to the symptoms of acidity in the first place.

  1. Overweight

When the organism’s pH balance is not normal, surplus waste product may appear in the form of acid, which is not removed because some of the organs may be overwhelmed with a bunch of toxins coming from the accumulated acid itself. The body normally deals with acid in the way of pushing it back into the fat tissues. Here the acid gets attached to the fat cells, and this is the cause of the inability to lose weight.

  1. Bones’ Weakness

If the body fluids are too acidic, the organism will try to do everything possible to restore the balance. When this happens, some minerals get pulled of some tissues and different organs to reach the goal. One such mineral is calcium that the bones need to keep their strength.
The bones can get weaker as the body gets calcium from them just to restore the pH balance.

If you suffer from osteopenia or osteoporosis, if you easily get fractures all this may be due to acidity of the body.

  1. Dental Problems

The teeth need calcium as much as the bones, and the body may look for the necessary calcium in here too, because of trying to restore normal pH levels.

When acidity starts affecting the teeth, the patient can feel more sensitive to the temperature of food and drinks, may develop cavity, or experience pain when consuming sweet things.

Bleeding gums can also be a warning sign!

  1. Fatigue

Excessive acidity can make the organism more sensitive to microorganisms, giving them an ideal environment for development.

These bacteria or viruses can get the immune system very tired, which will result in energy deprivation. Additionally, they can mess with the body’s ability to absorb the necessary nutrients. All of this results in fatigue.

  1. Problems With The Skin

Skin problems can be a showing sign of irregular pH value, since the skin is also one of the body’s detox mechanisms. When there is too much acid in the blood, toxins build up. In this case the liver may not be able to remove all the toxins, and the skin just tries to help in the task. It may show up as manifestation form of acne, eczema, rashes or allergies.

6. Mucus Accumulation

Mucus is a natural procedure of eliminating acid through the nasal channels. It can even be a sign of acid accumulation in the channels themselves. If this is something you regularly experience this is how your body shows you that there is just too much acid.

If the lungs get exposed to the mucus, this can cause irritation eventually resulting in wheezing, issues with the sinuses, coughing and chest pain so it may require urgent medical intervention.

7. Pain In The Muscles

Acidity can result in muscles cramps, leading to obstruction of oxygen delivery to the tissues and necessary nutrients absorbance. If this happens the muscles cannot properly function which will result in pain and soreness.

If you also experience fatigue together with these symptoms that is clear indication of high acidity level in the organism.

  1. Sleeplessness

If you feel really tired but still unable to fall asleep this can be due to low pH levels.

This is yet another indication of the organism trying to find the necessary calcium which results in sleeplessness.

Dealing with the Problem

Here are a few options to help you naturally maintain the pH levels in the right range.

Stay hydrated: Properly hydrated organism will help eliminate the acid in it through the normal process of digestion. Like with every other condition, you have to be hydrated to treat it.

Start the day with warm lemon water: Even though lemon is acidic fruit, you have to know that it is only acidic outside the body. When in enters the body, it actually has alkalizing effect, which helps in increasing the pH value.

Consume lots of green leafy vegetables: Spinach, kale, arugula, collards, broccoli, green peppers, lettuce, cucumber, zucchini, celery and green asparagus are in the group of highly alkaline green veggies. Optimal effect is reached with making a juice and drinking it in the morning.

Stop or reduce consumption of caffeine, alcohol, soft drinks, processed meats, processed junk foods, and processed and artificial sugars: These are all highly acidic.

Maintain good levels of calcium and magnesium: These two minerals are of crucial importance for the overall organism. They are needed in the bones, nervous system, teeth, muscles, and in the heart too. Low pH levels makes your body get the calcium from these organs to maintain the alkaline state, which leaves your body in lack of these minerals.

Dark green, leafy veggies are an excellent source of both of these minerals. Other sources include dried fruits, seafood, whole-grain cereals etc. If you want you can take supplements too.

Eat organic foods: Avoiding GMO’s is the best thing you can do since they are usually full with chemicals, pesticides and much more.