How To Cure All Types of Cancer – Dr. Budwig’s Protocol

A doctor named Budwig was nominated for Nobel Prize in Medicine a few times, and she lived more than 90 years, and this are reasons to trust her. She helped cancer patients, regardless of what kind of cancer, and all she was using were natural remedies without unwanted effects. Because of this, soon she became an enemy of the pharmaceutical industry, which tried to sabotage her work.

How To Cure All Types of Cancer – Dr. Budwig’s Protocol

“I have the answer to cancer, but American doctors won’t listen. They come here and observe my methods and are impressed. Then they want to make a special deal so they can take it home and make a lot of money. I won’t do it, so I’m blackballed in every country, “- Dr. Budwig states.

Pharmaceutical companies make a lot of money out of patients that are very sick, so it is not a surprise that we still do not have a cure for cancer. Unfortunately, cancer brings profit.

Malnutrition, radiation, toxins and acidosis are the triggers and can worsen cancer. Acidosis is when one’s body becomes acidic and the proper functioning of the blood is compromised. This is the final stage of the condition. Blood oxygen of cancer affected people is only 60 compared to the referent values of 100. The reason is that the oxygen in this blood is replaced by carbon dioxide. It is this lack of oxygen that performs the start of creation of tumorous cells, since the cells are forged to mutate because they want to get energy which will happen with the process of fermentation of sugar. The waste of this fermentation causes increased toxicity, which in turn leads to improvement of acidosis and even more lack of oxygen within the cells. With time, this process continues with multiplication of the “bad” cells.

Did you know the oxygen is the best weapon to battle cancer? Budwig Protocal is a program that involves a process of stimulation of supply of oxygen more rapidly compared to other therapies, while modifying the pH balance of the organism and maintaining it in an alkaline state. When in this state, the body is full with oxygen, and oxygen is the “bad” cells eliminator.

This protocol is founded on the utilization of a beverage (solution) made from flaxseed oil and quark cheese. She discovered that the fat free diets can initiate big issues. Healing foods and essential fatty acids are very important, as well as sunlight (vitamin D).

The protocol is made of two phases. The first stage is where everything has to be natural and make combinations of the best compounds from the flaxseed oil (omega-3 fats) and the cottage cheese (protein-sulfur). Our organism is such a good machinery, it will take out the exact amount of omega 3 it needs. The supply of oxygen to the person is increased by these fatty acids. This remedy is usually consumed orally, there is an exception however regarding extreme cases and it concerns enema form. The second phase is consisted of a special food regime and the protocol should be implemented for minimum half a year, no matter the symptoms.

The Remedy Recipe



  • 1 cup pure quark cheese (Make sure that it is not made with homogenized milk)
  • 2-5 tbsp of flax seed oil, about 10 supplement capsules, or 1-3 tablespoons of freshly ground flax seed
  • A bit cayenne


Always use a wooden spoon to stir the remedy and make sure you consume it at least once a day.

The Food Regime

  • Eliminate sugar, and in case you want to sweeten squeezed juices – add grape juice.
  • Avoid commercial mayonnaise, dressings and similar products
  • No butter and margarine
  • Pure animal fats must also be avoided
  • Only consume organic meat
  • Drink lots of teas, at least three times a day (grape tea, peppermint tea, rosehip). Don’t add sugar, use honey instead.
  • Squeeze fresh juices (celery, carrots, red beet).
  • Artificial sweeteners have to be eliminated
  • Drink freshly squeezed vegetable juices made of carrots, celery, and red beet.
  • Make sure you have a diet free of chemicals and processed food
  • Reduce drugs consumption
  • Soft drinks are need to be avoided, as well as tap water and bottled water. Instead consume non-fluoride beverages
  • Always consume freshly prepared food

Extra Advice

  • Use organic flax seed oil, protected from air
  • Reduce non-flax sources of omega-3 fatty acids like fish oil
  • Have at least one green smoothie a day, to maintain nutrition
  • Eliminate hydrogenated oils
  • Consume Vitamin C every day (up to 5 gr.)
  • White sugar, white salt, white bread, white rice, anything with chlorine in it has to be avoided
  • Use high-quality sea salt
  • Find safe alternatives to bleach, soap etc.
  • No canola oil or soy products
  • Treat yourself with a spoon of cold-pressed organic coconut oil on a daily basis
  • Consume the oxygen drink few times a day

Johanna Budwig`s Books

Three of her books have been translated in English, those are the following:

  • The Oil-Protein Cookbook (Öl-Eiweiß-Kost) Sensei Verlag (2000)
  • Cancer – The Problem and the Solution (Krebs. Das Problem und die Lösung) Sensei Verlag (1999)
  • Flax Oil As A True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer And Other Diseases (Fette als wahre Hilfe gegen Arteriosklerose, Herzinfarkt, Krebs) 1972