How To Get Rid Of Sugar Addiction And Kill The Parasites In Your Organism

Are you often attracted by sweets? Unfortunately, most people (not only children) are addicted to sugar. Have you ever wondered why is it so?

How To Get Rid Of Sugar Addiction And Kill The Parasites In Your Organism

There are two main reasons for this addiction. One are the parasites in the organism (the second one is stress). When one eats a lot of sugar, he/she creates conditions for accumulation of mucus in the body. It is on this mucus that the multiplication of bacteria and fungus happens. According to statistical data, one third of the population suffers from parasites. Usually, one is not even aware of their presence in the body.

Parasites that live in our organism take away our energy. To compensate, the organisms asks to eat something sweet, because glucose, an ingredient of sweets gives fast energy refill to the organism. Moreover, there is simultaneous creation of fat layer, that also affects the protection of the organism.

Generally, the more parasites – the thicker is the fat layer. If you get rid of the parasites, your weight normalizes and the desire for sweets disappears. Therefore, when the parasites stop taking away your energy, the sleepiness, fatigues, headaches, will all disappear, normalizing the metabolism and much more. You will see it yourself!

Treatment of parasites or conducting prevention (even if you think you do not have parasites in the organism), is necessary to be done twice a year, meaning every 6 months. The most efficient methods of cleansing the organism are the people’s ones. The following is one of them:


Cleansing the Body From Parasites – Flax and Carnation



Flax and carnation are efficient with almost every type of parasites. To prepare the cleansing mixture, you will need 10 parts of flax seeds and one part of dried carnation flowers. (100 gr. flax seeds and 10 gr. carnation flowers). Chop everything in a coffee blending machine, until it becomes powder, or you can buy it already chopped in a healthy food store.


Take 2 tablespoons of this mixture twice a day, for 3 days. You can add the powder in cooked food in one meal, or eat it and drink a glass of warm water afterwards (this is best to be done in the mornings). After consuming this for three days, make a 3 day break. Then repeat from the beginning and do the procedure for a month. Don’t get confused by organism’s reaction, like rash, herpes, urine color change or something similar. If you notice this happen (it doesn’t happen to everybody), it is a sign that the cleansing process of the organism is happening.

This is a very efficient method. When consumed, this mixture stays on the walls of the gastrointestinal tract, and the result is that the parasites will be obliged to leave your organism. To increase the success of the results, for the parasites to finally leave their haven, it is recommended to drink the water of cooking flax seeds on an empty stomach.

In order to cleanse the organism it is good to consume acidy-milk products, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, parsley, dill and freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice