What Are The Dirtiest Places In Your House?

Do you know what are the dirtiest places in your home?

What Are The Dirtiest Places In Your House?

If you think it’s the toilet seat, you are wrong. You may be surprised.


Most people think the opposite, but the kitchen is one of the dirtiest places in your home. In the sink drain only, an area of six square centimeters has half a million of bacteria living and growing.

Kitchen sponge

The little holes in the sponge make it really hard to disinfect it so you only use it to move bacteria from one place to another. Solve this problem by keeping the sponge in the microwave for one minute.

Electric switches

How often do you clean the light switches? Never? As years go by, six centimeters has 217 bacteria living on it.


As mentioned, the hands are one of the dirtiest parts of the human body. By touching door handles, that are also rarely cleaned, the bacteria move from whoever touched that handle to your hands. The refrigerator handles are very problematic too.


Believe it or not, keyboards are dirtier than toilet seats. Clean your keyboard with compressed air, soft cloth and mild detergent.


Bacteria and viruses are easily transferred with the help of a remote. Hotels are especially dangerous when it comes to this problem, so during your next stay in a hotel, wrap the remote with a plastic bag before you use it.

Tooth brush

Bacteria love moist places and that is where they grow the fastest. If you think that bacteria from your mouth are not too important, what do you think about toilet bacteria? Every time when you flush the water, a “wave” of bacteria touches other objects in the bathroom, including the toothbrush. Change it at least every three months.

Salt and pepper containers

Scientists from Virginia University discovered causes of colds on every salt and pepper container that they testes. Therefore, it is really important to regularly wash them, but also wash your hands.