These 12 Culinary Tricks Will Make Your Life Easier!

Some of us seem really satisfied when preparing different complicated recipes. Others consider cooking an unavoidable daily routine. We believe that every person can be a chef in their kitchen, with little help with these useful tricks.

These 12 Culinary Tricks Will Make Your Life Easier!
  1. Add milk and salt to keep the cauliflower white

When cooked, cauliflower can become greyish, which breaks the whole impression of the plate. To avoid this, add a few drops of milk and a bit of salt while cooking it. This will help the cauliflower keep its white color.

  1. Prevent color loss of cooked and sautéed food

Your veggies will look fresher and delicious after you soak them in cold water after cooking or frying.


  1. Use salt to improve cookies flavor

If you add a teaspoon of salt in the mix for your cookies, you won’t ruin the flavor, on the contrary – a small amount of salt improves the taste of the other ingredients.

  1. Replace ice cubes with frozen grapes

Ice cubes melt, they can ruin the taste of the wine. To stop this from happening, use frozen grapes instead of ice cubes. You will cool the drink and keep the taste. You can use this trick with any drink and any fruit.

  1. Prepare the ideal rice

We often turn the rice in gooey porridge while cooking. If you don’t want this to happen, cover the pan with a kitchen towel right after you remove it from heat. It will absorb the excess moisture and the rice will have perfect structure.

  1. Squeeze more juice from the lemon or the lime

You will get more juice of the lemon or the lime if you put it in a microwave before squeezing. Turn on the maximum heat and leave it in for 20-30 seconds. Take it out, cut it in 6 pieces and squeeze the juice, you’ll have it much more than usually!

7. Prepare the ideal cake without a recipe

You don’t have to strictly follow a recipe to make a perfectly delicious cake. It is sufficient to remember this simple rule: the main ingredients are in equal amounts. The amount of flour is equal to the amount of sugar. If you put eggs in it, you have to add as much butter. Use kitchen weight scale for precise measurement.

  1. To keep the meat juicy, use egg whites and starch

If you add egg whites and corn starch to the meat, it will keep the juiciness and tenderness even after cooking.

  1. Use salt to have a juicier salad

Don’t put juicy vegetables in a salad right away. Keep them in a separate bowl and add a bit of salt. Wait for a few minutes and then add it in the salad. Add dressing and stir well. The salt prevents the veggies from losing their juice, so it will keep the fresh taste.

  1. Spice up your coffee with cinnamon and salt to make it tastier

Next time you cook coffee, add a bit of salt and cinnamon. The salt will make the coffee sweeter and the cinnamon will intensify the aroma.

  1. Measure ingredients with the help of your hand

If you don’t have a kitchen scale, here’s how to easily measure ingredients:

  • One cup is approximately equal to a handful
  • 30 grams is usually equal as the length of the thumb
  • One spoon is equal to the length of the tip of the thumb to the first ankle
  • One teaspoon is equal to the length of the tip of the index finger to the first ankle
  • One handful of nuts has about 30-60 grams
  • A handful without the fingers usually amounts to 100 grams of meat

  1. How to keep the lemon fresh after you squeeze the juice

You don’t have to cut the lemon to squeeze juice. Roll it on the table, pressuring it with your hand, using a tooth pick, make a hole on the bottom and squeeze as much as you need. Oxygen won’t get into the fruit, thus it will keep the freshness.