This Drink Will Help You Restore Your pH balance!

Potential hydrogen, or pH has a scale of values going from 0-14. Zero is acidic while fourteen is alkaline and 7 is the neutral middle.

This Drink Will Help You Restore Your pH balance!

The human organism is best to be in a mildly alkaline environment of 7,45. However, note that this is different for each organ and tissue. The digestive organs values can be from 1-3, mostly influenced by the food consumed.

Staying healthy and having good immunity for prevention of various disease, like cancer, is extremely important.

Many factors can have an impact on the acidity, as you probably know. These include: different chemicals, factors from the environment, stress, processed food and artificial sweeteners and many more.

When our organism is in acidic state, it results in problems with digestion, weight gain, fatigue and even cancer. Drinking pure water as well as consuming fresh, organic veggies can prevent all of these symptoms and keep up the body’s healthy balance.

The tap water we have a habit to drink is full of chlorine, hormones, fluoride, antibiotics and different metals that have a direct access to our organism. All of these can be a reason for a number of health issues and decrease of the strength of the immunity.

Why is alkalinity important?

We are familiar with the fact that food can be a determinant in the pH levels. In the 1930s one doctor discovered the truth and won the Noble Prize in Medicine. His discovery was that 90-95% of all cancer types were triggered by the body’s acidic environment. He also found out that cancer cells cannot grow in alkaline environment.

Quite long ago the link between acidosis and cancer development was found. Still there is a connection of this type to almost every chronic disease today, including diabetes, osteoporosis and heart problems.

When the pH values decrease, the organism is trying to naturally regulate this to restore the balance (homeostasis). This is done by sorting some of the acidic substances in different organs: the kidneys, lungs, liver etc. and uses some of its essential minerals to achieve the goal.

This will restore the pH balance at the best value from 7,35 to 7,45. If the issue remains unsolved, then these acidic compounds will start to accumulate in the healthy cells, turning them sick, toxic and damaged, with the possibility of uncontrolled growing and becoming malignant.

Following is the detoxifying alkaline water recipe, with time of preparation of 5 minutes.


  • Two liters of purified water
  • One lemon
  • One tbsp. of Himalayan salt
  • Half a cucumber
  • A quarter of ginger root
  • Half a cup of mint leaves


Peel the ginger, cutting all the other ingredients into slices, and when you are done add them in the water which you previously poured in a big jar. Finally, add the Himalayan salt. Now, close the jar and leave it on a room temperature for half to a whole day. For optimal results, drink this beverage after you wake up in the morning, before you have a meal. Make sure you drink minimum 3 glasses daily, always on an empty stomach.