Find Out How And Why Dr. Simonchini Claims That Baking Soda Kills Cancer!

With these kind of therapies, you have nothing to lose!

Find Out How And Why Dr. Simonchini Claims That Baking Soda Kills Cancer!

The painful reality, more and more frequent cancer occurrence that almost everyone has experience with, the tragic end of your friend’s life, it is all connected with the failings of the official oncology.  “We have to admit that contemporary oncology is incapable of answering the questions and needs of those affected by cancer, and this is why it is our moral and ethical responsibility to try to find the right solution for the hardest and most painful disease of our time”, says Dr. Tulio Simonchini who claims that cancer is just a regular fungus (candida) which is easily treated with baking soda. Baking soda balances the body’s acidity, which is one of the cancer causes.

The cancer is fungus

About hundred years old, the fundamental theory of cancer is based on a hypothesis of gene malfunction. This view sees cancer as intracellular. However, from my point of view, cancer is a fungus infection and one specific cell phenomena, says Dr. Simonchini, who made a medicinal revolution with the discovery that regular candida or fungus is the cause of cancer, and is treated by baking soda, which is available to everyone.


In the herbal world, carcinomas are caused by fungus invasions, and it could be said that the same thing happens in human beings. Fungus always carry tumors with them: they are located in vivo even in modern research. However, scientists believe that those develop after the disease beginning.

My opinion is that those come before that: they cause cancer, weaken the immunity and then attack the whole organism. Every type of cancer is caused by the Candida fungus family, which has been found in other research too, and the histological content is a result of the reaction of defending the tissues against invasion. With time, the tissue becomes worn out and it only produces identical cells. Cancer can be named like “resisting ulcer”, where the colonies are formed in the center and initiate a reaction of many cells around them.

Baking soda

Classical anti-fungal meds are inefficient in treating tumors, because strong colonies can be attacked only on the surface and after one treatment with the medicine they become resistant. Strong infection is much stronger than one bacteria. That is why a simple fungal infection can last forever. “I simply identified the substances that are able to penetrate all the big infections: for internal organs cancer, it is baking soda, and the best substance to eliminate skin cancer is iodine tincture, especially when it is spreading”.


I treated people with this treatment for 20 years. Many of my patients totally recovered from cancer, even in cases where conventional oncology gave up.

The best way to try to eliminate tumor is to bring it in contact with sodium-bicarbonate as close as possible, for example using oral consumption for the digestive tract, inhalation for the upper respiratory tract, rinsing the uterine and the vagina, for uterine cancer, etc.

The chest, lymph nodes and lumps under the skin can be treated with local perfusion. The inside organs can be treated with sodium-bicarbonate by locating the appropriate catheters in the arteries or in the cavities (in the lungs or the peritoneum).

It is important to treat every type of cancer with the right dose. Phleboclisis requires 500 cm on 5% or 8,4%; for external cases it is sufficient to check if the taste is salty. Sometimes it’s smart to combine different medicaments prescriptions. During every treatment, take into consideration that the tumorous colonies go away between the third and the fourth day, and the collapse is between the fourth and the fifth, so six day consumption would be enough.

Complete efficient cycle is made of six days of treatment, and after the sixth day, it should be repeated for 4 times. The most important side effects of this treatment are thirst and weakness. For skin cancer, 0.7% iodine tincture should be applied on the affected area for 20-30 times during the day, with the goal to penetrate into the skin layers. After this treatment the tumor will disappear and never come back.

Candida albicans symptoms:

  • Chronic problems with the skin, from itching to rash and eczema
  • Dizziness and fainting, inability to focus
  • Chronic digestive problems, gases, bloatedness, cramps, irregular stool etc.
  • Anxiety and/or irritability
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Intense need for sugar
  • Mood change, sudden anger
  • Chronic fatigue and depression

If you have more than 2 symptoms, it is very likely that you have advanced candida which leads to cancer. You must not ignore this.

Prevention or healing candida

The development of candida has to be controlled. Unchecked candida can lead to systematic candidiasis, which can cause symptoms that mimic many famous diseases and lead to perforation of the intestines (making holes in the intestine walls). This will make it possible for the unprocessed proteins to attack the blood circulation. This creates a reaction of the immunological system against these unfamiliar conquerors which leads to allergies to food, usually good and healthy food.

Therefore, you need to first eliminate the favorite foods for candida that contain starch and sugar in any forms, including all sweets and fresh fruit, bread, pasta and white rice. Eat raw vegetables for a while and cook on steam. Since the digestion is compromised, steam cooking is better. Some use syrup by grapefruit seeds to kill part of the fungus.


Dr. Simonchini recommends using baking soda without aluminum additives or pharmaceutical sodium bicarbonate to heal cancer. You can buy it in any organic food store for a fair price.

How does the therapy work?

Baking soda drastically increases the alkalinity in the blood, which destroys candida (that according to Dr. Simonchini’s theory causes cancer). Baking soda, contrary to other antifungal treatments, spreads very easily on the tissues contained with fungus and in tissues with cancer or tumors.

Because of these properties, baking soda quickly disintegrates the tumor. Because of the same properties, fungus are not anymore in position to cause damage and are completely powerless at the attack of this natural chemical compound.

Treatment procedure:

For stomach cancer, intestine, rectum and mouth cavity: take one teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in the morning, and one at night with a glass of water, for one month. After this, the cancer should disappear.

Do not use this therapy more than 4 weeks. Still, in most of the cases, Dr. Simonchini’s therapy requires doctor’s help, be it a shot or intravenous therapy.

Intravenous therapy:

500 ml of 5% sodium-bicarbonate directly in the vein, every day. This should be repeated 24 times. After that, check if the cancer is gone, because it should be!

Big problem for women is vaginal candida that according to Dr. Simonichili, is a cause of uterus cancer, cysts and other tumorous diseases that affect the vaginal part. The recipe to correctly heal this type of candida and prevent cancer on women’s organs is the following: rinse the vaginal part with water that has been boiled and cooled (about 2 liters) for two months. Put 2 teaspoons of baking soda in the water. Do not use shower gel, douche or other chemicals. According to Dr. Simonichini, the baking soda should heal all the tumorous problems with this therapy. Also, he claims that only baking soda can kill this fungus, and with that – all cancer types!