Relieve Knee Pain and Rebuild You Knees with These 5 Easy Stretches

Knee problems are one of the most common problems with older people and athletes. Knees are most prone to injuries of all joints and these problems can result in pain and difficulty with walking.

Relieve Knee Pain and Rebuild You Knees with These 5 Easy Stretches

If you also have problems with knees, then these five exercises will help you with that.

Knee Pain Relief Exercises

Wall Slide

You will need to stand against a wall and then lean against it. Slide down the wall so your knees are bent at 30 degrees. Hold that position for a few seconds and then slide back up.

You can balance your body with your hands on the wall, and move slowly. Legs and feet should be parallel and your knees cannot go over the toes. Repeat five to ten times.

Bent-Leg Raises

Just sit down on a chair and strengthen your right leg in the air so it becomes parallel to the ground. Stay in this position for 60 seconds and then lower your leg halfway to the ground with a bent knee. Stay like that for 30 seconds. Return to the initial position and repeat 4 times, and then do the same with the opposite leg.

Hamstring Curls

Take a chair and stand to face the back of the chair for your support. Raise your right leg backward (not more than 90 degrees) and hold on the chair. Your legs should form the number 4.

Remain like that for 3-5 seconds and then lower your leg down. Do 2 repetitions for each leg.


Stand in front of stairs (or use sturdy bench about 2 feet high) with your feet together. Place the right foot on the bench or stairs and then step up.

Stand like that with the leg fully strengthened and without locking the knee. After that step down keeping a steady pace. You can first start with 60 seconds and then increase the time.

Straight-Leg Lifts

You just need to lie on your back and then stretch your right leg and bend the left one. Lift the right leg few inches off the ground (keep the muscles tight). You need to keep the leg raised for 5 seconds and after that slowly drop it on the ground. Remember not to arch your back while doing this exercise.